I doubt these Brussels Sprouts are Healthy

Egg cups have been my salvation the past couple of days so I decided to chop up some bacon and make bacon and egg cups with Slap Yo Mama seasoning. They aren’t cooked yet but I imagine they are going to be delicious.

I had a bag of shredded Brussels sprouts from Target of all places and I decided to cook them in the bacon grease with some grapes. Turned out to be delicious.

Chop and cook 5 slices of bacon. Remove bacon when crispy to plate with paper towel.

In the bacon grease carefully because it will spit all over potentially causing injury add a bag of shredded Brussels sprouts or I would imagine cabbage. Cook until bright green and a bit browned adding 1 t of ground mustard, salt and pepper. For the last two minutes of cooking add two handfuls of grapes halved.

Top with 1/3 of the crispy bacon. I used the remainder in egg cups.

This can’t be healthy but it fits Whole 30 guidelines and is delicious.Tonight I absolutely needed delicious to stay on target.


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